Friday, 7 February 2014

玉石雅集 Jade Gathering Event (lecture)




Hosted by the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver and co-hosted by the Canada Gems Society and Vancouver Hanfu Culture Society, the Jade - An Elegant Gathering event will be taking place on Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 at 2:00pm at the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum. The purpose of this event is to share with everyone the basic principles and knowledge of jade. Mr. Tiger Lai of the Canada Gems Society will share his knowledge of jade with us using slideshow pictures and artifacts.

“Elegant Gathering” or Yaji is an ancient Chinese term used when scholars gather together for a scholarly discussion. Since 2012, the Chinese Cultural Centre and the Vancouver Hanfu Culture Society have combined to host many traditional, Chinese cultural events and ceremonies, includingthe Ceremony of Passage to Adulthood, the Chinese Love Festival “Qi Xi” and more. The Jade Gathering will once again bring back olden Chinese traditions, so that everyone may have the chance to celebrate and experience this unique event.

Admission: $5/person. Seating is limited.
RSVP and Inquiry: 604 658 8880,
Venue: Chinese Cultural Centre Museum555 Columbia St.Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 4H5