Thursday, 3 April 2014

正視華裔歷史總動員征聯活動頒獎典禮 Award Ceremony of Chinese Couplet Competition

冠軍 First Prize:發揚先僑精神傳薪火 - Vincent Wu
亞軍 Second Prize:追憶先僑血淚同関注 - 陳華英
季軍 Third Prize:心繫先僑屈辱求公道 - Tracy Lowe
殿軍 Fourth Prize:弘揚先僑理念齊努力 - Carlos Chu


Date: Saturday April 19th 2:00 -3:00pm
Venue: Chinese Cultural Centre Museum
Address: 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 4H5 Canada
Inquiries: 604.658.8880
The prizes will be calligraphy work by Mr. Wai Yin Lau, book The History of  Chinese Immigrants in Canada and one gift.