Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Glamour of Zhongshan - Chinese Zhongshan Watercolour Painting Exhibition 流光溢彩-中國廣東中山市水彩畫展

Opening reception: Sunday August 16, 2015 3:30pm
Exhibition dates: August 16 - 20, 2015 11am-5pm daily
Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 4H5
Inquiries: 1.604.658.8880

To further promote the watercolors from Zhongshan, hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, to have multinational exchanges abroad, and display its unique scenes and fantasy charm of the humanities, “The Glamour of Zhongshan—Zhongshan Watercolor Painting Exhibition” will be opened at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver from August 16 to August 20, 2015. This event is organized by Zhongshan Municipal Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, co-organized by Zhongshan Public Diplomacy Association, Zhongshan People’s Friendship Association with Foreign Countries, Zhongshan Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries, Zhongshan Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication Bureau, and facilitated by Zhongshan Watercolor Painting Academy and hosted by Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver.

Watercolor originates from the West. While the Chinese are fond of the watercolor because it bears some natural resemblance to the traditional Chinese ink and wash painting. In Zhongshan, there are a group of artists with high-level artistic education who are immersed themselves in the creation of watercolor. They have shown a special preference to the watercolor, strived and consulted with each other. They founded the Zhongshan Watercolor Painting Academy afterwards. After years of efforts, the watercolor art in Zhongshan has made huge progress in works, which were selected to the 10th, the 11th and the 12th National Art Exhibitions, Shanghai International Biennial, the 6th to 10th National Watercolor Exhibitions. These works have won a great number of national and provincial watercolor exhibition awards, which includes gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals and excellence awards.

This is Zhongshan’s first watercolor exhibition outside China. We have chosen Vancouver, Canada for two reasons. Firstly, Burnaby, which locates in the greater Vancouver area, is Zhongshan’s sister city. Since the year of 2011 when Zhongshan officially established sister-city relation with Burnaby, these two cities have sent about 20 delegations to visit each other and carried out extensive and friendly cooperation on economy and trade, culture, social management and education. We believe through the art, the communication and cooperation between the two cities will be further strengthened. This exhibition has gained the support from the Burnaby municipal government, their mayor and councilmen will attend the opening ceremony and cut the ribbons. Secondly, in the greater Vancouver area, there are lots of overseas Chinese of Zhongshan origins. They have played an active role in inheriting Chinese culture, facilitating the reunification of China and the communication between their places of residence and hometowns. This exhibition will be able to display the latest landscapes of their hometown and administer spiritual comfort. When the exhibition is set on Canada, these overseas Chinese of Zhongshan origins have made both donations and efforts to make sure this exhibition will be a success.

This exhibition includes about 50 works from 22 painters in Zhongshan. The delegation includes such painters from Zhongshan Watercolor Academy as Zhao Ming, Xiao Wei, Liao Xuejun, Yang Ning, Wen Junbo, who have brought many works with different styles and local customs. This will push forward the cultural communication between the two cities and offer a rare opportunity for the local citizens to know about and appreciate the efforts made by the Chinese artists of a new generation.

This exhibition is the first foreign activity of art exchange organized by the municipal government in the history of Zhongshan. Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Government, and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Zhongshan Committee pay high attention to this exhibition. They send a cultural communication delegation of 15 people led by Liu Chuanpei, deputy chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhongshan Committee, to pay a visit to Vancouver. The delegation will also attend the first China-Canada Cultural Heritage Festival to push forward the friendly cultural communications between Zhongshan and Canada.