Saturday, 30 July 2016

Chinese Opera Summer Festival 夏季藝術日--古典與現代的對話

Yuhua Miao explains the Peking Opera costumes.

Peking Opera Make-up demo

Cantonese Opera Make-up demo by Hoi Seng Ieong

Peking Opera Make-up demo

Cantonese Make-up demo

Left: Performer in Cantonese Opera costume. Right: Performer in Peking Opera costume

Lecture by Dr. Catherine Swatek: Beijing Opera and Its Debt to Kun Opera

Contemporary Peking Opera Singing by Dong Wang

Peking Opera: Yu Ji performed by Yuhua Miao

Peking Opera & Cantonese Opera
Make-Up, Costumes, Lecture & Performances

Language: English and Chinese
Free and open to public. In tandem with the annual TD Chinatown Festival.

Saturday August 13, 2016 1-4pm
Peking Opera and Cantonese Opera Make-Up Demo
by Yuhua Miao and Hoi Seng Ieong

SundayAugust 14, 2016 1-4pm
Lecture by Dr. Catherine Swatek: Beijing Opera and Its Debt to Kun Opera
Peking Opera Performances by Dong Wang and Yuhua Miao

Location: Chinese Cultural Centre Museum
555 Columbia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 4H5
(604) 658-8880



8月13日1-4pm (星期六)

8月14日1-4pm (星期日)
講座:【崑曲和京劇】主講者:Dr. Catherine Swatek

(604) 658-8880

Photography by Bryan Melvin

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

In Search of Inspiration – 39th Solo Exhibition of James Tan 「漫長的探索」嶺南派畫家陳蘊化第39回彩墨畫個展

Opening Reception: Saturday July 23rd, 2016 2:00pm
Exhibition Dates: July 23 - August 14, 2016
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm. Admission by donation.
Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, 555 Columbia Street Vancouver B.C V6A 4H5
(604) 658-8880,
Lecture and demonstration by the artist: Lingnan School of Painting and I
Saturday July 30th, 2016 2:00 - 3:30pm
Language: Mandarin and Cantonese. English upon request.
Free admission. Please RSVP at or call (604) 658-8880
The youthful, innovative spirit of the founders of the Lingnan School has inspired James Tan to extend his own work well beyond tradition. He blends mastery of Chinese brush painting with an ability to capture the essence of Western culture, thereby creating a style of Chinese brush painting which is distinctly his own.
Tan graduated from the Singapore Academy of Art in 1972 and continued his studies with Chinese brush painting masters in Singapore, Taiwan and San Francisco until 1980 establishing himself as a master of the traditional and Lingnan schools of Chinese brush painting with his own distinctive style. He has taught and lectured extensively world-wide, including The National Museum Art Gallery (Singapore), The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. And annual lecture & demonstration at the arts in Action Festival in London, U.K.
Mr. Tan has won an extensive list of awards and honors and has exhibited extensively. 38 one-man shows in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, Australia, England, Germany, the U.S.A. and Canada.
James' recent works retain the same exquisite quality that has made his name synonymous with creativity and true excellence around the world. His works are represented in international private and corporate collections. World-wide. Several books have been published featuring his and his student’s works.
He is the 1st Vice chair and Board Secretary of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver, President of the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver (2007-2011) . Director of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (2007-2013), Museum curator of Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Member of The City of Vancouver Chinatown Historic  Area Planning Committee 2010-2011.


(604) 658-8880

預訂電話:(604) 658-8880

陳蘊化受邀在世界各地講學和授課,包括英國倫敦的Victoria and Albert Museum,1994-1998" Art in Action,曼徹斯特。澳洲墨爾本澳華歷史博物館,新加坡國家博物院畫廊廊,檳城博物館,美國加州三藩市中華文化中心和吉隆玻集珍莊畫廊等等。1999年移居加拿大溫哥華,他認為教學相當的重要,於把自己所學和所"得做了最無私的公開,用意在於集思益,通過大家的共努力來發揚中國畫的藝術。陳蘊化曾任職、講學和示範於1994-1998  The Art Department of the School of Economic Science, London。Art in Action英國倫敦。Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England。英國倫敦。Vancouver Academy of Art, Vancouver Canada. 溫哥華藝術學院 2001-2003。龍年郵票,是加拿大郵政局發行的第二輪12生肖郵票中的第4套生肖郵票。郵票的設計由加拿大平面設計師Louis Fishauf、Charles Vinh、及本地著名書畫家陳蘊化共同完成,歷時近兩年。2009年陳蘊化被 AsiaNetwork 提名亞裔年度人物獎,於2009年5月6日在渥太華國會山莊接受頒獎,並與電視明星、奧運金牌得主,一起爭取藝術類的最大獎。現任大溫哥華中華文化中心 第一副主席兼秘書長。影視專輯 : Accent on Art.個人專輯,discovery channel 特輯2003 。